​TEAM Agape Volunteers construct and install a fence at a local establishment. 

All donated items are made available to those in need.    Our  volunteers, TEAM Agape, deliver items to families and individuals, seeking assistance from our  FIC Program.

TEAM Agape

Winds of Agape's (WOA) Workforce is an organized team of men and women volunteers, committed to making a positive impact in the community and assisting those in need, those with disabilities and the elderly.  This team of volunteers participates in and raises funds for different WOA programs, which offers various services to the community for little or no cost.

TEAM Agape community projects and services includes, packing (furniture/household items), moving, construction, furniture restoration, fence installation, lifting, cleaning, loading and unloading the moving truck at the desired destination and more.  TEAM Agape cleaning services includes, dusting, carpet shampooing, and vacuuming.  For more information about TEAM Agape, 
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Our specially trained staff provides: one-on-one assistance to individuals with disabilities or in crisis situations; discussions on immediate concerns; assistance in Independent Skills Training, referrals to other WOA programs/services or other community services to meet individual needs.

Advocacy Services

WOA provides assistance in applying for resolving issues with Food Stamps, HESP, Housing, SSDI and more.  In addition, WOA assists individuals with contacting other community programs and organizations that provide personal or crisis needs.


The Winds of Agape Families in Crisis Program (FIC) has evolved into, The P.S.A.L.M.S. (Personally & Professionally Skilled Agape Life Management Services) Project Program, an umbrella term for all of the services and programs that Winds of Agape provides to benefit individuals and families in need as well as agencies that request our assistance.